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Mizan is responsible for the Core System & Network Administrator of UNIX, Linux and Windows platforms, Mizan has extensive experience in system architecture design, development, implementation and administration of UNIX, Linux or Windows systems of all levels of today’s corporate industries including finance.


Mizan is a creative instructor of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the professional training sessions of who has contributed a number of Linux professionals in the IT industry, also a successful author of Enterprise Linux & System Administrations manual.


Mizan is an enthusiastic, relentless and goal oriented hard worker and the dynamic efforts of who have resulted in the incomparable key to the enhanced performance and productivity of the concerned organizations yet.


Graduate in Computer Science & Engg, Trained in multiple technical areas in local as well as the foreign country.



>> Specialties: Above 16+ years working experience in ICT fields.
>> Published three books about "Linux System Administration".
>> Working with IBM p-series servers for the last three year.
>> Experience in Linux (RHEL & SuSE) SA.
>> Experience in UNIX (AIX & Solaris) SA.
>> Experience in IBM p-series SA with AIX and RHEL OS.
>> Good Knowledge & Experience in Red Hat Cluster Suite (RHCS)
>> Good knowledge & Experience in HA Cluster Multi-Processing (HACMP). 

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