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How to configure Slack Notification For Ansible Tower

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Previously, I have posted "How to create a new workspace and setup a Slack Webhook for Sending Messages From Applications" . Now I am going to use my same Slack Workspace to get ansible tower job notification. Let's start.


Slack API Configuration:

Step:1 Login to the create new app at the as below.

Step:2 Click Create New App and enter a name for my app and assign it to a workspace. as below.

Step:3 Click on OAuth and Permissions on the left, as below.

Step:4 Scroll down to Scopes and click Add an OAuth Scope and select chat:write from the drop down menu, as below.

Step:5 Scroll to the top and click Install App to Workspace,

and click Allow.

Take note of Bot User OAuth Access Token that will be needed for the Ansible Tower configuration. as below.

Ansible Tower Slack Configuration:

Step:1 Log in to Ansible Tower as an admin user and select Notifications

Click "+" Create New Notification.

Step:2 To fill in the appropriate fields, and select Slack, as below.

Step:3 To click Save and Click Test Notification icon to verify it is successful.

From my Slack Workspace:

Okay, the ansible Tower and the Slack integration works fine. let do something more.

Ansible Tower's Job Templates Notification via Slack:

Step:1 To enable (on) the Slack Notification in the Job Templates Edit Windows, as below.

Has enable (on) the Slack Notification in the Job Template at SUCCESS and FAILURE both status.

Step:2 To launch the Job Templates, as below.

And we can see the Job Templates has successful and the ID is 195.

To verify the Notification from the Slack workplace, as below.

As we can see, it's short message with a link for the more details on the Ansible Tower Job Templates.

Resource: ansible documentation

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